Welcome to Old School Deathmatch!

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Welcome to Old School Deathmatch!

Tue Sep 24, 2019 2:47 pm

What is the purpose of this server?
This server was created in hopes that it can revitalize the TDM scene on SA-MP.

Is this server going to be a FoCoTDM reboot?
Yes and no. This server will have similarities to FoCoTDM, but the entire script is being made from scratch and will likely end up being different in some or many ways from FoCoTDM.

Who is developing this project?
Currently, I, Sebz, am the sole developer of this project. If the need arises for more help with the project, I will outsource for that.

When will the server be released to the public?
The server is currently available to the public but is under a beta testing phase. (This means all stats at the end of the phase are subject to a wipe.)

Will you be looking for administrators when the server reaches it's launch date?
Yes, the server of course will need a solid administration team. I have compiled a list of reputable figures and intend to extend offers to said individuals at an appropriate time. Once the server is up and running, there will likely be a recruitment process for new Trial Administrators.

When did development begin for this project?
An initial prototype of the server was developed and released in 2015 by myself, but I've decided that the script was too buggy and outdated to proceed with, so it has as of September 2019 been restarted from scratch.

Is this server affiliated with Los Santos Roleplay?
This server is in no way affiliated with Los Santos Roleplay.

Is this server affiliated with FoCo LTD?
As with the last question, this server is in no way affiliated with FoCo LTD and it's subsidiaries.

Is this server going to die out like FoCoTDM and other servers have in the past?
This question is one that is difficult to answer. With a proper staff team and an interested playerbase, the server will have the potential to run indefinitely. However, if the server does not pick up traction and is simply a waste of bandwidth, it's likely that the server will not stay up and receive long term support.

Will my passwords and other data be secure on the server?
All player data is stored in a secure database. Passwords are hashed and salted for extra security. In the case of a database breach, it's is almost certain that no passwords will be compromised. However, it is still strongly urged that you do NOT register for the server with a password that you use on another sever.

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